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    Here are last news
    Not very good for me: there are no excellent plot (especially in the end - it's absolute delirium), charming drawing, beautiful music or something else "excellent".Finally I have taken myself in my hands for a time. This fact makes me happy) It's strange but I need to thank Gurren Lagann, anime that has returned my thoughts in their place. Now I want to say a few words about it)

    Gurren Lagann is a very strange thing. Not very good for me: there are no excellent plot (especially in the end - it's absolute delirium), charming drawing, beautiful music or something else "excellent". But there is some idea that has opened my eyes and made me feel positive.
    "Don't believe in me and in my belief in you. Believe in yourself and your belief in yourself" ©
    Maybe it seems funny but exactly this sentence is represented as one of main ideas.
    Well, anyway I can't describe all my emotions about this thing especially in english because If I would write it in english even I couldn't understand that I wanted to say))).

    Another thing produced an impression on me is "12".
    "I will not let you go. If you want to be free fly away. If you want to stay here it's your choice" ©
    It is a story about 12 absolutly different men with absolutely different lifes who were convened together to decide a fate of young boy prosecuted for murder. All facts said that boy is guilty and 12 jurymen were to have been confirm with it (I mean "Должны были подтвердить это", но что-то мне подсказывает, что я неправильно составила предложение -_-).
    But one of them had a doubt of boy's guilt.
    This is a story how one opinion can change 11 others.
    A story that tells that people in any situation think about themselfes and want their conscience be clear.
    Interesting thing. Not masterpiece but..))

    Yesterday I found Vampire Knight's manga. Omg! Don't read it and don't watch anime-analog! It kills brain(

    Hmmm...something else...yea! Finally I start to work at my "Dungeon" ^_^ It was my lyric and now I have a music for first 3 quatrains ^_____^
    And yesterday I was experimenting with my voice. I recorded a few sounds for ICQ and comp.
    Hmmmm...my dear friends, is it right to say "Welcome home"? Should I tell "Welcome TO hame"? O_o What version is true? This question was killing my brain all day long =(
    Oh! I forgot to give results of experiment:
    This sound I hear when somebody is typing a message for me. killing.mp3 Frase is "Can I kill him?".
    This one is a message sound =) message.mp3 "You have a message, Master"
    "someone wants to see you" someone.wav

    Sometimes I'll record something normal. Realy =))) Believe in this light future)))
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