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    They can store, organize and retrieve information in ways that make the most sense to them — not just in traditional file folders. •Windows Vista
    Fact Sheet
    January 2007

    Windows Vista™ makes it easier, safer and more entertaining to use the PC virtually anytime and anywhere.

    One look at Windows Vista shows the difference, with a breakthrough design, easy-to-use search and organization tools, and a safer online experience. The built-in Windows® Media Center1 and new mobility features give users more ways to enjoy their favorite digital entertainment at home or on the go.

    Windows Vista represents the highest-quality and most responsive Microsoft® operating system release ever due in large part to unprecedented collaboration between Microsoft and its customers and industry partners. Windows Vista is the focal point for a huge wave of new PCs, applications, hardware and devices. Users can tap into this ecosystem and experience personal computing like never before.

    Windows Vista can be experienced today at http://www.microsoft.com/>windowsvista, and on Jan. 30 consumers and small businesses will be able to experience it firsthand.

    The Digital Lifestyle Made Easy
    Windows Vista helps make everyday PC tasks, such as starting up a computer and finding files, faster and easier:
    • Finding stuff fast. Instant Search helps users locate any document, photo, e-mail message, song, video, file or program on their PC with ease. Live Icons, which display a thumbnail of the contents of each file, help users find what they are looking for at a glance. Windows Flip 3D, available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate, gives users a new way to find the window they want by quickly flipping through all open windows in a 3-D stacked view.
    • Staying organized. Users can add personal “tags” to their files to make them easier to find. They can store, organize and retrieve information in ways that make the most sense to them — not just in traditional file folders.
    • Quick access. New technology in Windows Vista makes the PC significantly more responsive when performing everyday tasks. Improved startup and sleep performance helps desktop and mobile PCs get up and running more quickly and turn off and on in a snap.
    • Consistent responsiveness. Inconsistency in PC performance can be frustrating. Windows Vista provides innovative technologies including a new memory management system called Windows SuperFetch that enables applications to launch much more quickly when users start their machines and ensures that these applications will continue to be responsive when it matters most.
    • Keeping an eye on what’s important. Users can see the information they care about right away with Windows Sidebar, which brings real-time information such as weather and news directly to the desktop as easy-to-use programs called gadgets. On mobile PCs with exterior screens, Windows SideShow™ technology, available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate, enables Windows Vista to extend information form the PC onto a wide range of devices.
    • Focus on tasks. Available in the Home Premium, Business and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista, the new Windows Aero™ user experience provides a translucent computing surface. Graphics, pictures and other content spring to life on the glasslike windows, which also remove distracting on-screen clutter, making it easier to focus on information.
    • Innovative hardware. A whole new wave of cool and innovative Windows Vista-based PCs from many PC makers will be available Jan. 30, including these:
    – The HP TouchSmart PC introduces the convenience of the touch experience to desktop computing, serving as a fast and easy-to-access information, communication and entertainment hub for the kitchen, family room or living room.
    – Toshiba PORTG R400 is a mobile PC featuring Windows tablet technology that includes a display on the front edge to provide an up-to-date view of e-mail and appointments via Active Notifications, built on Windows SideShow technology.
    – Sony® VAIO® VGX-TP1 is a stylish PC delivering a high-performance entertainment experience; users can enjoy their favorite live and recorded TV and movies or surf the Web from their sofa using the wireless keyboard or remote control.
    – Medion UMPC is an ultra mobile PC that provides multiple input options including a keyboard, a pen and touch capabilities. It features the new Origami Experience, a user interface that optimizes entertainment and communications on the smallest class of personal computers running Windows Vista.
    Safer and More Reliable
    Windows Vista is the most secure and reliable version of Windows that Microsoft Corp. has ever shipped, providing an unprecedented level of confidence and control when users browse the Web or engage in other online activities. Now every member of the family can have a safer, more secure online experience:
    • Layered security. Windows Vista offers multiple layers of defense that work together, including strong default protections, such as Protected Mode in Windows Internet Explorer® 7 in Windows Vista. Protected Mode helps prevent silent installations of malicious code. To help further reduce identity theft and increase user confidence in Web transactions, the Internet Explorer 7 Address Bar will display a green highlight when it detects that a user is visiting a safe Web site with a new Extended Validation Certificate.
    • Thorough testing. Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system are products designed with the help of millions of customers around the world, resulting in the highest-quality and most responsive releases Microsoft has ever released. More than 5 million beta versions of the products were downloaded and tested worldwide.
    • Protection against malware. Windows Defender monitors key system locations and watches for changes that signal the presence of malware or other unwanted applications. If a problem is detected, Windows Defender offers straightforward and thorough spyware removal tools to help return the user’s computer to normal.
    • Protection against phishing. Windows Vista helps block “phishing” Web sites that try to trick people into divulging personal information. The Microsoft Phishing Filter combines client-side scans for suspicious Web-site characteristics with an opt-in online service that is updated several times an hour with the latest industry information about fraudulent Web sites, enabling it to warn users about suspicious sites quickly.
    • Family Safety Settings. Windows Vista provides parents with a new level of control over their children’s computer use. If they choose to, parents can do the following:
    – Set limits on what time of day and for how long children can use the computer
    – Limit the Web sites that children can visit and the applications they can use
    – Restrict PC games based on title, content or Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating
    – Create reports that detail their children’s online activities and other computer use

    More Entertaining
    Windows Vista redefines digital entertainment, making it easier for people to manage and enjoy their growing collections of digital music, photos, movies and other entertainment:
    • Easily managing music. Within Windows Media® Player 11, the same advanced search technology that hunts down documents and programs helps people locate music. Customizable album art and stacking views allow people to browse their digital music in much the same manner as their CD collections, while the lightning-fast Wordwheel search tools help quickly scan through large music collections. In addition, Windows Media Player 11 works with more than 200 portable players and home networking devices. The advanced integration between Windows Media Player 11 and MTV Networks’ URGE music store provides access to more than 2 million songs.
    • Making digital memories. In Windows Vista even nontechnical people can create digital memories by blending photos and home videos with music, titles and creative transitions. The new Windows Photo Gallery and an enhanced Windows Movie Maker make it easy to upload, fix and transfer photos and videos to DVD2 or a portable device for easy sharing.
    • Playing at a new level. Only Windows Vista can play games that offer the more realistic graphics and complex environments and characters made possible by the new DirectX® 10 technology. The new Games Explorer and Game Folder make it easier to find and access games, and gamers can use the same controller on their PC as they do with their Xbox 360® console.
    • Unique content. Windows Vista offers unique content in an integrated package through Windows Media Center, available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. For example, Windows Media Center SportsLounge in conjunction with FOX Sports offers the latest sports news, scores, statistics and video coverage in a 10-foot viewing experience. Other new sources of content will be available in Media Center after the launch of Windows Vista, including MSN® Soapbox interface for Media Center, NASCAR Motorsports content portal, Showtime Interactive, TurboNick from Nickelodeon and Vongo subscription movie service from Starz Entertainment.
    • Ultimate extras. Users can take full advantage of all the digital lifestyle has to offer with Windows Ultimate Extras, cutting-edge programs that provide a richer computing experience exclusively for users of Windows Vista Ultimate. For example, Windows DreamScene™ transforms the desktop from the familiar static background wallpaper into a full-motion, personal video canvas. In addition to the new and improved in-box Windows Vista games, Windows Vista Ultimate customers can play exclusive games, such as Hold ’em, the Windows Version of poker’s most popular variant, “Texas Hold ’em”.

    Better Connected
    Windows Vista lets people enjoy their digital entertainment and other resources virtually wherever they may go:
    • Extending the experience. Windows Media Center3 in Windows Vista lets people share their digital music, TV, pictures and other entertainment throughout the home or stream it to an Xbox 360 console. Users can crank the volume and control the fun from the comfort of their couch using the Media Center Remote Control.
    • Hitting the road. Tablet PC features4 in Windows Vista let people take their entire computing experience with them wherever they go — and eliminate many of the challenges typically associated with mobile computing. Users can work without a keyboard and easily keep information synchronized between home, office and mobile devices. They can watch a TV show, review their photo collection, or even edit a home video on their mobile PC.
    • Origami Experience. Ultra-mobile PCs combine the full functionality and power of Windows Vista with lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs to offer additional choice for the connected digital lifestyle. Many new ultra-mobile PCs take advantage of Microsoft’s software innovations such as the Origami Experience and Windows tablet and touch technology to make it easier to connect, communicate, accomplish tasks and stay entertained while on the go.

    Other Helpful Resources
    Windows Vista home page: http://www.microsoft.com/>windowsvistadefault.aspx
    Windows Vista Ultimate Edition: http://www.WindowsUltimat>e.com

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